One Nation Nutrition supplements its supplements

Pictured are Waterloo’s One Nation Nutrition owners David Midkiff and Josh Hearren. (James “Tal” Moss photo)

A One Nation Nutrition franchise recently opened in downtown Waterloo, and it has more than those only vaguely familiar with the supplement stores may guess. 

In addition to products like protein, the store also offers such fare as snow cones and coffee.

“We want families in here,” co-owner David Midkiff said. “This is not just for your guy with the six pack of abs. It’s not just a supplement shop.”

Midkiff got the idea to open their version of the regional establishment because he is friends with Steve Ludwig, who founded One Nation Nutrition in 2016. 

Midkiff, who is also a Waterloo police officer, first considered opening a franchise in 2016, but the timing was not right. 

It was right last spring when Midkiff brought the idea to co-owner Josh Hearren. The two have been friends for years. 

“Waterloo doesn’t have a lot of options for healthy lunches and quick meals,” Midkiff said. “And with Waterloo growing so rapidly downtown and all the businesses and foot traffic, I thought this would be a great spot for us.”

Both men have previous experience owning a business…>>>

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