My Christmas Wish List | Mark’s Remarks


When we were kids, my brother and I would look in the JC Penney catalog at the toy section, often looking at this huge Matchbox car garage that probably cost quite a bit. 

We weren’t deprived and were never lacking in toys, but like any kid we dreamed of bigger and better. The car garage was much too big and expensive for a Christmas gift. Our house wasn’t large enough for elaborate car tracks or train sets. And even though we received things we wanted, it didn’t keep us from dreaming of large playrooms filled with giant toys we didn’t have room for. 

These days, I find myself wishing for unattainable things. I’d have a better chance these days of getting that big car garage instead of some of the stuff I wish for.

I’d start by wishing everyone to learn more about Jesus and follow His teachings. If not, maybe everyone could read up on the guy and keep an open mind. These days, it’s not wise to push your beliefs on people too much. But I do wish people Jesus, as the song says.

Along those same lines, and while I’m pushing the envelope, I wish that the issue of abortion was put into perspective. People try to make it all about the mother and her rights, which is important. However, no one seems to be fighting for that little, innocent child in there. Someone God created from the get go. A defenseless person. I wish we could understand that and protect those kids.

I wish we valued older folks more, making it a priority to take care of them and make them feel needed. I wish all of them were able to feel revered, respected and loved.

I wish we could be adults about things and speak tactfully. I wish we could realize our role in things and be less narcissistic than we are as humans. I wish everyone could see that things are sometimes their fault. I wish people could say “sorry” and mean it. I wish people could actually forgive others.

I wish we could let our kids ride bikes in the street and stay out until the streetlights came on without worry. I wish neighbors met in the yard and invited one another inside for coffee or pie. I wish families loved one another the way they were supposed to and actually looked forward to getting together on the holidays.

I wish gas was cheap, and I wish putting your arm around a girl and getting a peck on the cheek was a big deal like it used to be. I wish kids were unable to look at much of what they have access to in this day and age and I wish there were laws protecting their innocence. 

I wish people had to go through a series of classes and tests to become parents, and I wish parents were punished if they didn’t do a good job. I wish kids were told “no” more often, but I also wish parents would have conversations with their kids and follow up.

I wish all children felt loved and wanted, and I wish they all could have an adequate amount of attention as much as possible. I wish families sat down for meals and I wish money wasn’t so all-fired important that mom could stay home with the kids. I wish kids had at least an hour or more of recess and recreation every day, and I wish schools weren’t forced to focus on standardized tests. 

I wish all electronic devices were only on for a limited amount of time each day and closely monitored.

I wish teachers got paid what they are worth and those not worth much were fired by administrators who kept a close eye on them. I wish society valued teachers so highly that the hiring process was tough and only the best and brightest aspired to teach our children. 

I wish colleges were all “work-based” with a strict policy on slackers and those kids who didn’t wish to put forth effort. I wish kids learned a work ethic and found out, early on, that life isn’t fair or all about them.

On a less serious note, I wish chip bags and Cracker Jack boxes were as full and large as they were when I was a kid. I wish you could pay for only the TV channels you watched, and I wish I could work out once a week for 30 minutes and have a body like “The Rock” or Hugh Jackman. 

I wish American actors were as good as British actors, and I wish actors were allowed to look like everyday, normal folks. I wish Roseanne could still be on her new show and I wish she had been able to apologize for saying the things she said. 

I wish too much coffee didn’t turn my teeth yellow and I wish I could eat as much cheese as I wanted at all times. 

I wish I could go back and have a serious talk with my younger self. I wish that all the times I hurt people could be re-done, and I wish people knew always how much they meant to me, even when I don’t show it. 

I could keep going, but I’m running out of space.

Oh, and I wish for more space.

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