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Like me, you may have had mixed emotions about the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” movements regarding the treatment of women and sexual harassment. I won’t go into my opinions on both of those movements, or indeed any of movements that support women.

If you know me at all, you should know that respecting women is a top priority for me and it’s pretty sad that women have to start movements to be treated well. In this day and age! I mean, come on.

This whole thing goes right along with the debates for gun control and other issues in our country today. Yes, there are fingers to point and people to blame, but when it all boils down to the nitty-gritty of the situation, these movements have resulted from evil hearts, uncaring hearts, and the misled, tainted lives of people.

As I’ve said before and as many people are saying now, it’s a heart issue.

For years, men have been total pigs about things. There are many reasons men act the way they do when they are disrespectful toward women. I can’t tell you the number of times I was hanging out with buddies or around a bunch of guys. Something lewd was said either about or to a lady. I either laughed or said nothing. I’m ashamed of that, as well I should be. As I said, guys put up with that stuff even when they don’t want to act that way. I think guys are afraid other guys will think they aren’t manly if they protest. 

Many years ago, the student council was having a “sexy legs” contest. Pictures of legs were posted in the hallway of the school. The pictures included men’s and women’s legs. Of course, it was all meant as something fun and a way to raise money.

However, one little boy spoke up to a teacher and said he thought it was disrespectful to women. He was 8. He had a good heart and had been raised by good people. I will never forget how speechless some of the staff was after that boy spoke up. 

We watched the Oscars last night. The two biggest stars of the evening were the two above-mentioned movements.  I got a little tired of the whole thing, because in my mind, it seemed to be all about a movement that has not been named. 

I call this the “Down with the White American Male” movement. I will pause here for a collective gasp from some readers.

But then I thought about how I was feeling, and that’s when my wiser self smacked my silly self in the head. Why have these movements come about? These movements have come about because men have been pigs. The reason I’m offended is because I’ve been trying to do it the right way.  My wife is my crush, my friend, and the only woman I look at.  Honestly. And there are many guys like me. 

We aren’t mad at women for these movements. We are mad at the men who make the rest of us look bad. I feel the same way about crappy teachers who make the rest of those in the profession look bad. 

Men, there are plenty of us who have helped to cause these movements and we gotta do something about it. Sex and the physical stuff have gotten way out of control. We’ve got to go back to the days when we opened doors and revered women. 

We are supposed to be knights in shining armor to these ladies. We are supposed to be spiritual leaders of our homes. We are supposed to take care of our families and be proper leaders. It’s no wonder that women have given up in some respects. Many of them are marching around saying they don’t even need men anymore. 

And who can blame them? I dare say that some of them will never be convinced that any man can be trusted. How sad.

So, if you are like my silly self and sick of all these movements, then focus on one of the reasons they came about. Support these women. Do all you can to convince them there are still good guys out there. I’m not tooting my own horn; I’m just telling you what I believe a man should be. 

We owe it to the ladies.

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