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Never have we experienced a time such as this. Every day I scan my Facebook page, often at breakneck speed. It’s almost like the days when I speed read my newspaper, reading all the headlines first and then going back through the paper to read the stories I thought were worth it.

People ask me “Did you see it on Facebook?” I usually say “No.” I don’t have time to read every post or watch every video. Good heavens. I can’t imagine having that amount of time.

But what always ends up sticking out and causing me to stop and read are the political posts. Usually, they are posts bashing President Trump.  Some folks I am, or used to be, friends with have such a severe hatred for him that it scares me a little. One of my high school friends speaks about the ascension of Trump as if she’s fighting a terrible disease. She regularly spars with other friends, spewing such debate that I would be afraid to meet her in a dark alley.

A few odds and ends I myself have posted have been met with the intensity of an animal pouncing on prey. And heck, I was just offering a weak, feeble opinion.

Look, I get it. The man is unlike any leader we have seen.  He’s crass, he’s rude, he’s pompous. I’m not sure what he really thinks of women, and it worries me. He’s not a likable guy. I agree with much that has been said about him.

Those close to me accuse me of being too nice. I sit around and do my own spewing about someone or some issue, but when it comes right down to it, I rarely end up standing my ground. I either sugarcoat something or heap on the praise at the front end before finding a tactful way of telling someone what the issue is.

Mamby pamby. Wishy-washy.  Cowardly. I resemble those remarks, I suppose, at times.

Writers often hide behind their words. Indeed, I have written scathing letters and have had the bravery of a superhero sitting at a keyboard. Rarely do I get the gumption to tell someone off in person.  

But frankly, I’ve had it with how much energy is being spent in this war against politics and all that is going on. Although I understand the animosity toward our president to a degree, I for one am tired of hearing  it.  I think it’s time we accept that we have someone in office who is not a likable guy, but he was elected and now we have to see what he can accomplish. Even some of the biggest jerks in history have accomplished things for the greater good.

My old buddy Roseanne Barr is back on television.  She’s always been one of my guilty pleasures. Much like Trump, she’s not always likable.  She says things that make me cringe. I don’t believe in what she says about a lot of things. But I think she’s a hoot.

The other night, Roseanne was on Jimmy Kimmel and she spoke up, using the colorful language she’s known to use.  Kimmel could barely contain himself.  

Perhaps out of fear, he tactfully (much like this columnist) told her he couldn’t believe she was a Trump supporter.

She told him in no uncertain terms that everyone is spending a lot of unnecessary energy being ticked off (and she didn’t say “ticked”). She told him she believes we have to stay positive. 

“Why did people vote him in? Why did people want a change? What was going on that caused this uproar and put him in office? We have to look at the ‘why’ of the whole thing,” she said.  

My sentiments exactly.

Roseanne Barr represents the working class in her sitcom, and it was the working class who put him in office. We can either sit around and whine and moan that a bunch of low-class, know-nothing hillbillies voted him in (and haven’t you heard this?), or we can look at what happened and why it happened.

We have got to pay attention to the media as well. Whether you are against them or for them, I think we have to demand truth. We have to find a way to get the true story.

I mean, why aren’t we hearing more about the undeniable fact that the economy is getting better? Why can’t we get straight answers and honest reporting about how ISIS is being dealt with? What about the positive parts of immigration control (and I want those folks to be treated well, also; again, Mr. Nice Guy)?

I just wonder why we don’t hear some of the good he is doing.

Why don’t I speak up more often? I’m a people pleaser.  I’m always worried about hurting people’s feelings. I have friends who hate Trump. What if they don’t like me anymore?

These are some of the immature fears and thoughts that go through my mind.

So, go ahead and dislike me if you want. Stop reading this column. Badmouth me if you must. I gotta say what I feel.

On a side note, I almost called this column “Coming Out of the Closet With Trump.”  

Although it would have guaranteed some readers, I thought you might get the wrong idea.

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