Columbia school board reviews its finances


The Columbia Board of Education met Thursday night to review mid-year finances and receive an update on the Common Core curriculum.

Assistant superintendent Beth Horner gave a report on the first semester progress of the Common Core curriculum. Teacher feedback has been good, but the biggest shift was in math. Horner said some principals are reaching out to teachers in other districts for advice.

“Some of the fear has been alleviated and they feel better about (Common Core),” she said.

Superintendent Gina Segobiano gave a mid-year report that encompassed the finances of the district.

“We’ve picked up some operational costs with all the snow,” she said. “We’ve had to spend a lot more money than we budgeted.”

Another cost that came up had to do with a cut coming to the district.

“Our reimbursement for residential placement is in effect for this school year,” she said. “Fifty percent of our residential tuition is now not going to be reimbursed. It’s a shock.”

Segobiano said that could equate to $120,000 that the district should be receiving.

“We used to be reimbursed, but this is a pretty big setback,” she said.

Segobiano also informed the board about the possibility of a school construction grant.

The Columbia school district is now eighth on the list from 2004 to receive a grant for school construction.

“We are still wanting relief on the original building (the middle school),” Segobiano said. “We can’t expect a check in the mail, but I’m hoping in the next year or two we’ll get a little bit since it’s on the governor’s desk.”

The board also approved the 2013-14 and 2014-15 extra curricular stipend schedule and a contract with Rejis for IT support.

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