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  • ‘The Hero’ | Movie Review

    Elliott comes to the rescue in ‘The Hero’ Our story begins with Lee Hayden (Sam Elliott), an aging actor known for western roles, seen doing voiceovers for barbecue sauce. In that short scene, as we watch Elliott...

    • Posted June 29, 2017
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  • Go Into All The World | Mark’s Remarks

    Back in the old days, we took our trusty yellow pencils down to the gym and sat in nice neat rows. I think we were allowed to take a book to read with us. We’d be given...

    • Posted June 28, 2017
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  • Go Into All The World | Mark’s Remarks

    Someone said something recently that resonated with me. She said something to the effect that mission work was not about standing among a group of less fortunate people and posing for a picture. Indeed, there are many...

    • Posted June 21, 2017
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  • Peggy Sue | Mark’s Remarks

    Remember the movie “Peggy Sue Got Married?” It starred Kathleen Turner and was a time travel movie with some pretty good acting. I remember what a good job Turner did convincing us she was a teenager at...

    • Posted June 7, 2017
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  • Another Year in the Books | Mark’s Remarks

    How many “last day of school” columns have I written? This year, I’m wrapping up year 27, which boggles my mind. I don’t have many years left, as I’ve told my students. I think they think I’m...

    • Posted May 31, 2017
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  • A Conversation With My Younger Self | Mark’s Remarks

    Older folks tend to stare a lot. I’ve noticed it, and now I’ve become an older person, too.  It’s not that we have decided to start doing things that are socially strange; it’s that we have become...

    • Posted May 24, 2017
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  • Why? | Mark’s Remarks

    As humans, we are an interesting lot. No matter how hard we try, we can often revert back to our selfish selves at any given moment. Even if we try not to be selfish, we are. We...

    • Posted May 17, 2017
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  • Common Sense | Mark’s Remarks

    My students recently learned about freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press as we examined early pioneers of citizens’ rights. We talked about people like John Peter Zenger, Phillis Wheatley and Thomas Paine. ...

    • Posted May 10, 2017
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  • Important Perks and the Soda Machine | Mark’s Remarks

    When we got into fourth grade in 1976, the promotion brought all types of life-changes for us. We no longer went to the little grade school on the north end of town; the one with the long...

    • Posted April 26, 2017
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  • Misophonia | Mark’s Remarks

    A while back, I wrote a column about bad manners. I told you how I can’t stand poor table manners — especially people who talk with their mouth full or “smack” their food. Boy did I get...

    • Posted April 19, 2017
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  • ‘Going in Style’ | Movie Review

    “Going in Style” Although I don’t feel 1979 was that long ago, I guess it was.  That was the year “Going in Style” starring Art Carney, George Burns and Lee Strasberg came out; a movie about three...

    • Posted April 7, 2017
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  • John Williams: Another Brick Wall | Mark’s Remarks

    We were out of school on Monday for Casimir Pulaski Day. When that day was first proclaimed, nobody knew the guy. Since then, some have found out. Still, a bunch of folks don’t know and probably don’t...

    • Posted March 15, 2017
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