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I think Anne Murray had a song several years back called “A Little Good News.” It was all about how we’d like to hear some good news instead of the day-to-day stuff we are used to hearing. 

But let’s face it. How would ratings be if only good news was reported?  Think about it for a bit.  Would you watch on a regular basis?

I watched the news the other day and there was an actual report on how the makers of the Genesis car, the one Tiger Woods was driving when he wrecked, were worried about people not wanting to buy their cars anymore. Do we really care that much about a $50,000 car? Or am I being a grumpy old cuss?

I’m not sure I would want an entire news network devoted to just good news. I mean, there are enough features on TV news these days. Furthermore, CBS Sunday Morning does a pretty good job with the good news. CBS isn’t always my fave, but they do a good job on Sundays.

I spent some time doing some research on the Alex Garcia case. He’s the guy who lived in a Maplewood Church for 3.5 years in danger of deportation.  Last week, he was able to actually go home with his family.

He had left violence plagued Honduras in 2004 to escape terrible conditions down there. I am sure he, like many, felt desperate and a great need to get out of that country at any cost.

Whether you like it or not, plenty of people, regardless of political party, would tell you Mr. Garcia came into this country illegally.

The news reports about Mr. Garcia failed to mention most of the facts. Reports preferred to play up the emotional part of the story, how Mr. Garcia was now able to go home with his wife and five children.  At the end of the report, of course, there had to be mention of how the evil Trump administration wanted to deport him.

Boy do I wish Walter Kronkite would walk in and grab some of these news reports. I would love for them to get a hold of them and just give us the facts.

I’m glad Mr. Garcia is with his family now. It’s important for families to be together. But don’t tack on that Trump crap, please.

If Mr. Kronkite had reported the story, he would have said to you Mr. Garcia admitted coming into this country illegally in 2004.  Kronkite would not have layered on the dishonest and emotional heartstring hogwash, followed by yet another slam at the Trump administration.

Kronkite would have also reported that a federal judge signed a deportation order in 2015, along with thousands of other people.  This was a law.

Should I add that Trump wasn’t in office in 2015?

Even though Kronkite would have reported just the facts here, viewers may be led to deduce that the administration at the time just chose what laws to enforce.  It seems the laws the 2015 administration preferred to pay attention to were the ones that got enforced.  

Other folks got a wink and a sidesmile for breaking the law, I guess.

A request was made in 2017 to stay in the country.  Because the administration at that time was, get this, enforcing a law that had been in place for a long time, the request to stay in the country was denied.  

Kronkite would not have added that the administration that denied the request was evil, unfair and out of line. After all the facts were there, it was a law that was supposed to be enforced.

Instead of reporting that Garcia was persecuted due to the Trump administration policy, the Kronkite report may have spoken about the refugee status program that has been in place for 50 years or more, a program that helps those escaping persecution. It’s legal and fair.

Walter may also have talked about immigration procedures that many immigrants have been helped to follow. Legal process.

Walter Kronkite would not have said it was Garcia’s fault for hiding for 3.5 years. However, he may have reported that the Trump administration was following a valid deportation order, again issued in 2015 by a federal judge.  

The administration was enforcing a legal order.  

Kronkite wouldn’t have taken time to talk about Garcia marrying an American or the fact he fathered five children. Those facts are almost not necessary to a straight news story.

There would have been no emotional bent to Kronkite’s story. He wouldn’t have used such tactics – especially to take yet another potshot at the former administration.

I also wonder what Kronkite would have made of the immigration dramas that are still going on.  Would he have indeed talked about the close to 300 children being detained in “cages’’ in the facilities built by the Obama administration when President Trump was in office? 

Would he have reported that Kamala Harris denounced the facility, talking about the deplorable conditions? 

Would he have reported that the same exact facility now houses 700 children?  

Would he have pointed out Harris and others who denounced the facility (that has made no changes) no longer refer to the  “cages” but now call them “shelters?” That deplorable facility, where kids have to eat scraps and are mistreated, has not changed at all; yet it is now called a “detainment center.” Unbelievable.  

Sorry, Walter.

What would Walter have said when someone tried to get him to soften things up a bit?

Look, I’ve told you before my feelings about the former administration. I wish we could hear all the accomplishments that were made. I don’t necessarily agree or care for the way Trump conducted himself, but the record stands.   There are a heck of a lot of good things that happened, but you have plenty of people trying to erase or wipe mention of these accomplishments from history.

And why are things suddenly OK that weren’t OK a few months ago? Why are we referring to things in softer, gentler ways? Since when did the news media, a group that is supposed to be trusted, turn into such a bunch of windbags? You can’t really listen to much of anything these days as a gospel truth, fair and impartial news story.

So no, I don’t necessarily want a news channel devoted entirely to good news. I’d just like one that gives me the true, hard facts. I’m afraid we are in a heap of trouble if someone doesn’t do something about all this bunk.

I’m not sorry if my opinion offends you. Turn the dang page if you don’t like it.

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