Tugg is HSMC Pet of the Week

HSMC Pet of the Week, Tugg.

Tugg is the HSMC Pet of the Week!

From Tugg’s profile page on the HSMC website:

Tugg is a magnificent beauty but that is nothing compared to his huge loving heart. This big guy wants only to be by his people (currently his foster parents) and is such an easy, happy-go-lucky guy around the house. Tugg does require a ‘proper introduction’ to new people and once that happens, all is good. Tugg is completely housebroken and trustworthy in the house; no chewing issues or problems at all and he does not need to be crated in his foster home. Tugg plays well with the other dogs in his foster home (though he would rather play with his humans and when outside is usually found waiting patiently at the door to come back inside). Cats on the other hand do seem to make him a bit crazed, so he needs a cat-free home for the safety of the cats.

If you would like to meet Tugg, contact the shelter at 618-282-7387.

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