Red Bud police still on alert for fake bills

Pictured at top is one of several counterfeit $20 bills that turned up in Red Bud this week. Below is an actual $20 bill. (North County News photo)

Red Bud police are warning people to remain diligent about checking their money.

Last week, Red Bud Police Detective John Brittingham told the North County News there is still some counterfeit currency circulating in the area. At least three more counterfeit $20 bills have turned up in Red Bud recently, he said.

The bills, at first glance, are very convincing counterfeits, but there are some ways to spot them.

The first counterfeits that turned up in our area were a series 2006 bill, with the same serial number, IF09118673G, but Brittingham notes that different serial numbers are also being used now.

With the counterfeits, the color of the bills are also slightly off, appearing more purple than black in the ink on the front and more purple than green in the art on the back. Many also have edges that are not cut straight.

All are printed on paper that has a different feel to it than actual currency.

If anyone receives what they believe to be a counterfeit bill, they need to contact the police.

As reported late last month, several counterfeit $20 bills turned up in Waterloo and Red Bud.

But both State Bank of Waterloo and First National Bank of Waterloo said last week that no new fakes have turned up in their facilities since the initial wave of bills.

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