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Scouting For Food effort results in impressive totals

By on November 20, 2012 at 11:34 am

Waterloo Boy Scouts drop off collected food items at the Western Egyptian Food Pantry on Saturday. Pictured, from left, are Andrew Durrer, John Harbaugh, Paul Hoeffken, Ian Hubner, Branden Spalding, Liam Brauer (back), Ryan Matzig, Sean Jouglard and Joel Roth. (Kermit Constantine photo)

Boy Scouts from across Monroe County came to the rescue of depleted local food pantries on Saturday in the form of their annual Scouting For Food drive.

The totals from this year’s collection  effort were simply staggering. Waterloo Cub Scout Packs 301 and 323 and Boy Scout Troop 323 reported more than 9,000 items in all, easily topping last year’s amount.

Of that total, 7,500 items were delivered to the near-empty Western Egyptian Food Pantry in Waterloo, with another 1,500 items taken to the Hope Christian Church Food Pantry.

The number of items delivered this year to the Western Egyptian pantry far out-measure the 4,700 items brought there last year, Cub Scout Pack 323 leader Colleen Goessling said.

“This is incredible! I must say I am very proud to be part of Cub Scout Pack 323 and a resident of such a caring and supportive community,” Goessling said. “Thank you to everyone that participated in any way. The pantry was very empty this morning and we left it stocked very full. Together, we made a difference. This ‘round of applause’ is for you!”

Goessling made sure to thank the efforts of the Waterloo High School girls basketball team and WHS Students Helping Out Waterloo group for assisting with the process of sorting and providing other support.

In Columbia, more than 100 scouts participated in the gathering and sorting of an estimated 12,000 items.

The boys and their adult leaders consolidated and sorted this massive amount of items Saturday morning at the Columbia Scout Hut near Metter Park, and then loaded the sorted boxes on the Hope Christian Church Food Pantry truck.

Scouting For Food is the largest one-day food drive in the Boy Scouts of America. Started in the St. Louis area back in 1985, Scouting for Food has expanded to other councils across the country.

A whopping 43 million items have been collected since 1985.

Pictured, Columbia Boy Scouts, leaders and supporters gather inside the Scout Hut on Saturday as they sort through the estimated 12,000 items collected as part of this year’s Scouting For Food drive. (Kermit Constantine photo)

Corey Saathoff

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