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Scout builds dog path at Helping Strays

By on November 7, 2018 at 1:58 pm

David Broske of Boy Scout Troop 320 in Columbia recently completed his Eagle Scout project at the Helping Strays shelter, making a dog path. He is pictured giving one of the shelter’s dogs, Dexter, an honorary first walk. Beside Broske is a monument that includes a plaque with Broske’s name on it. (James “Tal” Moss photo)

The arduous journey toward earning the rank of Eagle Scout is almost over for David Broske, who recently completed his Eagle Scout project.

Broske, a member of Troop 320 in Columbia, led an effort to build a dog path at Helping Strays.

He got the idea for the project after seeing how Helping Strays had been walking their dogs.

“I like dogs, but I never had one,” the 16-year-old said.

“People out here have been walking the dogs in the mud or on the gravel path. That’s not good for the dogs, so I decided to put something together for them.”

Broske’s project took extensive work to plan and execute. 

After receiving approval from the board of directors at Helping Strays on the location of the path, Broske and volunteers marked the place the path would be. 

They then used a Bobcat to level the whole area and installed a silt fence to keep particulates and debris out of the lake downhill from the path. 

To install that fence, workers dug a trench beside the path, put the fence in and refilled the trench.

Next, they dug trenches on either side of the path and installed edging. They also created drainage systems on both sides. 

Finally, workers placed a weed mat over the whole thing, staked it in and covered the entire patch with mulch. 

All told, the project took about 710 man hours…>>> 

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James Moss