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Randolph County votes for concealed carry

By on November 14, 2012 at 9:45 am

Residents in neighboring Randolph County sent a strong message to Illinois lawmakers on election night last Tuesday regarding gun rights.

Illinois is the only state in the country where carrying concealed weapons is entirely illegal. Last year, the Illinois House narrowly defeated a bill that would have legalized concealed weapons.

Listed as an advisory question of public policy in Randolph County was the following question: “Shall any individual who is not prohibited from possessing firearms under the laws be allowed to conceal, possess, carry and or transport firearms in any manner free from infringement?”

The measure passed by an overwhelming vote of 10,071 to 3,319.

The Randolph County Board of Commissioners told the North County News in Red Bud that the point of putting the question on the ballot was to see how the county feels about the matter and send a message to the state on which counties want concealed carry.

While it was approved, state law still bans concealed carry.

Corey Saathoff

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