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Little kitty goes to town

By on August 29, 2012 at 2:13 pm

Cat Saved

Rescued at last, after a final getaway spring across Market Street, “Lucky” poses with (from left) Patricia Graves, mechanic John Hamm, Richard Graves and Liefer’s Garage owner Patricia Bise. (Alan Dooley photo)

Richard and Patricia Graves were surprised to hear the meowing of a kitten coming from the front of their van Monday when they stopped to check their mail at the Waterloo Post Office.

Lifting the hood revealed the tail of a kitten behind the right left headlight assembly. Unbeknownst to them, the kitten apparently hid in the van’s engine compartment at the Graves residence and ended up going along for the ride.

After several people tried to coax the cat from its hiding place, Richard Graves elected to head to nearby Liefer’s Garage for help.

There, mechanic John Hamm of Cahokia immediately sprung into action to remove the van’s grill. But early in that process, the sound of his air tool removing screws scared the cat, which ran under the vehicle and up onto the rear right suspension.

Not to be outdone, Hamm ran around the van and dove under the right rear with Richard. He was able to grab the tiny kitten, but it escaped his grasp and darted across Market Street.

Hamm, still in hot pursuit, was eventually able to pull the scared kitten from bushes and return it to the Graves family.

When asked for the kitten’s name, Patricia Graves said it was “Kitty, Kitty.” But a better name might be “Lucky,” after the cat made an unconventional trip from west of Waterloo into town.

Tiffany Bise, daughter of Liefer’s owner Candy Bise,  got a small cup of cool water for the obviously distressed cat, which it lapped up eagerly before the couple headed home with their tiny furry traveler.

Patricia reported that numerous people drop pregnant cats in their yard.

“I’m told not to feed them and they will go away.  But how can I feed my cats and not them?” she asked. “We’ve got probably 25 of them right now.”

If anyone would like to take “Lucky” into their heart and home — it has eight good lives left — they can contact the Graves family at 939-8593.

Or maybe one of their other kittens would get your interest and become a part of your family.

(this article appeared in the Aug. 29 edition of the Republic-Times newspaper)

Alan Dooley

Alan is a photojournalist -- he both shoots pictures and writes for the R-T. A 31-year Navy vet, he has lived worldwide, but with his wife Sherry, calls a rambling house south of Waterloo home. Alan counts astronomy as a hobby and is fascinated by just about everything scientific.