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Gardner teacher creates cool classroom

By on September 27, 2018 at 3:57 pm

Pictured is Gardner Elementary School fifth grade teacher Jennifer Serino with members of her class. Pictured, front row, from left, are Lauren Hanks, Rori Unger, Kaley Roedl, Lindsey Lester, Alex Schilling and Trent Glaenzer; second row: Danny Bundenthal, Talaya Mitchell, Julia Wallace, Sadie Wyrick, Collin Dethrow and Lynden Dougherty; third row: Serino, Noah Lohman, Kiana Singleton, Lucy Baldwin, Ella Brown, Maddy Prather, Nathan Grider, Jackson Whetzel and Brice Ahrens. (James “Tal” Moss photo)

Gardner Elementary School fifth grade teacher Jennifer Serino was watching a broadcast last fall that discussed how children are changing.

Technology plays a bigger role with children than ever before. Children feel like they need to move around more.

Despite the changing pupils, school classrooms have remained largely the same for a century, with desks and chalkboards being staples, the broadcast said.

The broadcast challenged educators to try new things to make the classrooms more current, and Serino proved up to the task.

She received donations from friends and students’ parents so she could put couches, a central table, recliners and other such unconventional furniture items in her classroom instead of the usual desks.

“The least I can do is try to get my students to learn where they learn best,” Serino explained. “So, if you think about things you do in your life, like where you like to read versus where you go to pay bills, those are different. Well, where they learn is probably different. So if they have to read something they might want to sit someplace comfortable or if they have to type a paper they might want to sit at a desk.

“I just wanted to give them options and figure out where they learned best.”

Serino started the experiment last September in her Waterloo classrom, and has continued it this year due to its success…

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James Moss