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Costello II pressures Eggers on residency

By on September 26, 2012 at 10:51 am

District 116 State Representative Jerry Costello II (D-Smithton) continued to put pressure on Republican challenger Julie Bigham Eggers of Columbia, this time regarding remarks made about her residency.

In the same Sept. 16 Belleville News-Democrat article in which Eggers was quoted as saying she was “in it for the (health) insurance” — which her campaign quickly followed up by announcing a “No Perks Pledge” to refuse any taxpayer-funded pension or health care benefits — the issue of her past residency was also brought up.

Although she is a Pinckneyville native who currently lives in Columbia, the Costello campaign says official records indicate Eggers resided in Missouri for 10 years and voted in that state in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

In the article, Eggers was quoted as saying she lived in that state for a couple of years in business, but still considers herself a life-long resident of Southern Illinois.

“I don’t know how a person could be confused about where she lived and why she can’t just be up front about it,” Costello II said in a statement. “People understand if you’ve lived in another state. That’s OK. But what’s not OK, what folks will not tolerate, is someone who is clearly lying.”

A state representative is only required to be a resident of the district they represent for at least two years before elected. Eggers meets that requirement.

An attempt by the Republic-Times to reach Eggers for comment this week was unsuccessful.

Corey Saathoff

Corey is the editor of the Republic-Times. He has worked at the newspaper since 2004, and currently resides in Columbia. He is also the principal singer-songwriter and plays guitar in St. Louis area country-rock band The Trophy Mules.