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Columbia School Board approves budget

By on September 26, 2012 at 10:49 am

The Columbia School Board approved its upcoming fiscal year budget last week.

Columbia School Superintendent Dr. Gina Segobiano said there has been a 4 percent decrease in equalized assessed valuation, which results in a reduction of $264,500 in local revenue to the district.

In addition, General State Aid has been prorated at an 89 percent funding level, she said.

Segobiano said the school district faces a $400,000 reduction in revenue for fiscal year 2013.

The school budget shows a $475,000 deficit in the education fund, with the state currently owing the school district $425,000 from last fiscal year.

“If the district would receive the stated 2012-13 state revenue along with the outstanding debt in fiscal year 2013, the education fund would be close to being balanced,” Segobiano said.

The school’s budget will be posted on the district website.

In other action from Thursday’s meeting, the school board approved the termination of a contract with Farmers National Company, who served as manager of the district’s 74 acres of farmland located off Route 158.

The board agreed to allow the Columbia Agri-Science Association to be the new tenants for 2013, pending a cash rent agreement.

Segobiano said all proceeds above the cash rent will be deposited in the Columbia Agri-Science account. The Agri-Science Association provides financial help to support the new FFA program at the high school.

The district has owned this land for about 10 years.

“Upon the request of new Columbia High School agriculture teacher Carrie Koester, the Agri-Science Association will be able to grant funds to help pay for classroom equipment and supplies,  transportation to FFA activities, costs associated with FFA competitions, and more,” Segobiano said.

Corey Saathoff

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